Welcome to Tumut Science

Hello, my name is Jen and I am your teacher. I have been teaching science at TAFE since 2008. Before that I was an Industrial Chemist for 11 years, using science and maths every day!

If you're studying science because you really love it, or even if you're just doing it because you have to, I'm sure there will be something all of us can get out of our courses. I do hope we all get a lot out of this on-line component of the courses too. I'm fairly new to the on-line teaching environment, so any hints, suggestions etc. to improve navigation or the look of the space are willingly accepted. Please keep the suggestions sensible as there are restrictions imposed by the Institute - see Riverina Wiki Guidelines (further down in the menu at left). Any suggestions can be posted on the discussion board on the class page for your course.

Navigation within the wikispace is pretty simple, just follow the links to your particular course and subject, then follow the links to progress through your unit.

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